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Rating of Islamic Financial Institutions - Some Methodological Suggestions
Dr. Mohammed Obaidullah


1. Introduction
2. Motivation and Methodology
2.1 Objectives of the study
2.1 Methods of study
3. Findings and Discussion
3.1 The "uniqueness" of Islamic financial institutions
3.2 Conceptual framework of an Islamic financial institution
3.3 Islamic financial products and services
3.4 Survey of existing rating methodology
3.5 Composite rating for Islamic financial institutions
3.5.1 Unique feature of risk absorption
3.5.2 Debt rating
3.5.3 Management quality rating
3.6 Empirical research on rating
3.6.1 Review of research
3.6.2 Lessons from research
3.7 Islamic Value Rating (IVR)
3.7.1 Survey findings
3.7.2 The model
3.7.3 Need for Islamic Value Accounting (IVA)
4 Summary and Conclusion
5 Notes and References
Annexure I: Rating Agencies Across the Globe

List of Tables

1 Survey Results on Components of VMG Statements of Islamic FI
2 Range of Islamic Financial Products and Services
3 Empirical Studies Cited in the Review
4 Survey Results on Need for Islamic Value Rating
5 Relative Significance of Islamic Value Concerns

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