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The Institute of Islamic Banking and Insurance (the IIBI)

The Post Graduate Diploma

Module 1: Islamic Economics

An introduction to the concepts of Islamic economics
Islamic economics and finance
Development of an interest-free economy

Module 2: Islamic Banking

History and evolution of Islamic banking
Salient features of the conventional (Interest-bearing) banking
Islamic interest-free banking
Islamic law on banking and finance
Role of religious boards in the economic development
Co-operation between conventional and Islamic banks

Module 3: Islamic Financial Instruments and Institutions

Islamic investment
Islamic financial instruments
Leasing under the Islamic system
Venture capital
Islamic financial markets
Role of stock exchange in the Islamic financial system

Module 4: Islamic insurance (Takaful)

Difference between Islamic and Conventional Insurance
Conformance with Shariah

Module 5: Establishment and Operations of Islamic Banking

Converting a conventional Bank into an Islamic bank
Practical steps for Establishing an Islamic bank
Islamic banking in Practice (Part one)
Islamic banking in Practice (Part two)
Good Governance and Transparency

Course Material

The five modules comprised in the course cover a total of 25 topics; each of which is dealt with in a separate lesson. The Institute will mail three lessons at a time to its registered students along with the questions papers. The next installment will only be sent after the student has successfully completed the previous lessons. The first installment (module 1) is sent in a high quality hard binder which can be used to file all the 25 lessons and other course material. It will also include a glossary and a comprehensive bibliography on Islamic banking and insurance.
To enroll, an applicant is required to apply on the Institute's official application form provided on the website and post/email the completed form to the Institute. If the application is accepted, the Institute will inform the applicant of his/her acceptance, the applicable course fee and payment details. On receipt of the course the applicant will be enrolled and allocated a registration number and a tutor and the starter pack will be despatched by the Instiute to the applicant.

"I found the Diploma course really useful, helpful, very much informative and thought provoking. The Diploma course will of course be helpful in my Islamic banking career."
Javed Akhtar,
Officer Monitoring Audit & Inspection
United Bank Ltd. Pakistan

"The course was indeed a source of lucrative information and proved very fruitful."
Najam Siddiqi
Financial controler
Oman International bank, Pakistan.

"The contents of the course apear to be really informative and useful, therefore I find myself inclined to enroll for teh said course."
Ameena Sohail

"The course has indeed broadened my vision of Islamic Banking to many folds. The Institute has extended unprecedented services towards the training and promotion of Islamic Banking and Insurance. Most importantly it has not restricted itself to geographical parameters that is why people all over the world are getting benefited from it. Ever since I have come to know about the institute, its aims, objectives and services, I am, have been and will remain one of the great admirer and supporters of the institute for its services to the entire banking and insurance community."
Aziz Adil,
Assisstant Vice President
Faysal Bank Ltd. Pakistan.


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